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Thinking of going into network and computer systems administration?

any network and computer systems admins out there who can tell me what an average day is like, how much u made out of college, how much u make now, and whether u have a computer science degree or a computer and network systems degree (which one u reccomend). thanks in advance [...]

What are the different domains in the IT industry?

I need to select my domain of interest from IT domains for an interview. Can you pls list some of the domains? I am interested in networking and creating software products, and i was instructed not to add names of the companies but only the domains. What should i put in then? Thanks in advance. [...]

How can I view the website that another person on my network is looking at?

Hi! I have kids and I was curious if I could check (from my computer) the site on which my child is on. I have a wireless network and it would be very great if someone could supply me with this information! Thanks in advance! Chosen Answer: Yes, this can be done. The easiest but [...]

How to develop a Social Networking Site?

Hi everybody, I would like to know how to develop a social networking site more popular. If I am starting a social networking site then what are all the steps and things that I have to do to make that site is popular and make so many people are attracted to this and joining in [...]

How to control other computers in my network?

How do i control other computers in my network? My main computer witch i want to control from is on Vista, and the the computer i want remote controll over is XP. Thanks in Advance Chosen Answer: Remote Desktop is a great free solution… First you need to know the IP address of the other [...]

How do I connect a non-wireless PC to a wireless Mac network?

I have a new iMac connected to the internet via cable modem, and two non-wireless PCs in other parts of the house that I’m hoping to bring online via the Mac’s internet sharing feature—basically using the Mac as the wireless hub. The problem is finding wireless adapters for the PCs that will recognize the Mac’s [...]

What are my options for monitoring the internet activity of my network admin?

That’s right… i know for a fact that IT is spending an inordinate amount of time online. I am an executive with full rights and need to trim the fat. Bringing in a consultant would raise too much suspicion. I have full access to our systems and can configure a solution after hours. What are [...]

How do I make .xml files in Network Solutions?

I want to my website (which I produce through Network Solutions) to publish its own RSS feed. To do this, I need to create a .xml file. Can this even be done in Network Solutions? If so, can you explain how? Thanks in advance. If you have no experience with Network Solutions, PLEASE DON’T ANSWER. [...]